I think there’s a lot more value than people realize about working with Reel Content. They have great questions, great storytelling, great ideas and they’re really easy to work with. And the price is right.

Cameron Fraser, Fraser & Fig

Reel Content makes a “reel improvement” to Fraser & Fig’s social media

“Cam! Your reels are getting better and better. Keep it up!”


Heck yeah! Love this! Sharing this with my network.


Your business is one of my favourites and one I’m happy to share with anyone who will listen!


You’re SO good at what you do!! Grateful for you and the team.


I shall always spread the word about Fraser and Fig! You guys are doing amazing things.


Meet Cameron Fraser

Cameron Fraser is the owner and operator of Fraser & Fig. Fraser & Fig makes artisanal grazing boxes with carefully selected seasonal ingredients. They are located in the heart of Calgary’s Marda Loop business district.

A Waste of Time and Money

Before finding Reel Content, Cameron Fraser struggled with creating social media content. He tried making his own content and felt that it wasn’t worth the time he spent making it.

“It was a real struggle to find time to be able to create content. So having content driven by a third party that is also a creative output makes up for all the time that it takes to create that content.” — Cameron Fraser, Fraser & Fig

Fraser & Fig also tried paying an agency for content creation, but found that the end result wasn’t worth the huge cost.

“As a small business owner, being able to afford somebody who can spend the time making that content, escalates quite dramatically.”

An Affordable, Effective Solution

In 2021, Cameron Fraser met Drew Adams of Reel Content. Coming from similar backgrounds, the two quickly became friends. 

When Adams told Fraser about Reel Content, he was intrigued. Fraser took interest in how Reel Content focuses on creating great video content. Other content creation agencies focus their efforts on static posts and images.

“It’s more captivating. Having more video definitely makes the brand more accessible because there’s a personality to it. It’s not just a series of graphics, or some static messages being pushed out. There’s actually some storytelling.” 

Reel Content is different from other content agencies because we see things differently. It’s not about the products you sell, it’s about the story you tell.

Reel Content offers social media content management for only $299 per month. We offer the first month for free. Our content is guaranteed for quality and customer satisfaction.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but Cameron Fraser decided to take a chance. Here’s how it worked out for him.

Reel Good Results

Reel Content made some staggering improvements in Fraser & Fig’s social media. We compared our content to that created by Fraser’s previous agency.

After switching to Reel Content, Fraser & Fig gained ten times the new followers in an average week.

On our best week, Reel Content saw eight times the engagement from non-followers. (AKA potential new customers.)

Reel Content’s best video had 73% more reach than the previous agency’s giveaway contest.

Reel Content more than doubled the engagement rate of both followers and non-followers.

Fraser & Fig experienced a noticeable increase in sales after switching to Reel Content.

“We definitely see the higher quality of followers and a higher quality of traffic as well as increased traffic with my social. But also, our sales have been growing week after week, month after month since we started working with Reel Content.”

Fraser has said that Reel Content is more authentic than his previous social media.

“Our content really showcases what the business is about. I think it really focuses more on the ethos now through the social channels than it did before. Before it felt very salesy. And now it feels definitely more like it’s telling the story of who we are and how we’re evolving.”


Reel Content has provided Fraser & Fig with an affordable social media management solution. The content we’ve created for him is captivating and unique. Fraser has been hearing from friends and customers about how much they love his new content.

“Since we switched to Reel Content, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people I don’t know and people I do know about how the quality of our social media is spot on.”

“I would highly recommend Reel Content to any small business out there, or any business, because they’re great to work with. The value for what you get is excellent. And they’re creating real, authentic content that speaks to the brand. You just can’t get that through a regular agency.”

Are you a small business owner like Cameron Fraser? Let’s get reel.

Cameron from Fraser & Fig

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