Myth Busting For Small Businesses

In today’s marketing world, there are many misconceptions involving social media content. While this has always been the case, it seems we are seeing a greater number of myths than ever before. This article looks at five common myths that small business owners should be thinking about.

“I don’t have a big enough budget for social media” 

Don’t overthink it – just get started! You don’t have to spend a ton of money on social media in order for it to be effective. You also don’t need to be breaking the bank on huge business promotions or paid influencers. The beauty of social media marketing is that there are no set rules about what works best for each audience or industry; there are only general guidelines that can help guide you in discovering your own personal niche. 

Over time you will find what content works well for you and what doesn’t. It’s best to learn how to showcase your business in educational, relatable and fun ways; so go ahead and start posting!

“Marketing and advertising are the same thing” 

Marketing is a strategy that not only establishes your brand but also helps you build relationships with your customers. Meanwhile, advertising is often seen as a tactic that’s used to create awareness of your brand. It’s important to understand that these two activities are not the same. 

Statistics show that social media users are more comfortable engaging with a business that consists of reels, videos, blogs, and static posts. Ads can be great but they don’t capture your brand’s persona. 

“My customers aren’t on social media, so I shouldn’t be either”

Social media is not just for young people, it’s not just for millennials, and it’s not just for tech-savvy folks. Showcasing your business on various platforms can effectively reach out to new audiences that have the same interests as your current customers. 

In fact, more than half (57%) of all smartphone owners are checking multiple social media apps at least once a day—and most likely more often than that! 

Don’t forget that building backlinks on social networking sites can be helpful for the growth of your business platform while significantly bringing in new traffic and interaction rates. 

“It’s tacky for your brand to be seen as relatable” 

It’s important that your content relates to your customers and target audience.

Your content should be engaging and shareable, but more importantly, it should be relevant to your business and its values. 

Humanizing your content is always a win! Take advantage of showing off your people, this can mean posting content that viewers see as vulnerable, entertaining or inspiring. 

People want to see the people behind your business!

“My business could never generate enough content”

The truth is that your business can 100% generate more than enough content for you to post. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are. Repurposing and reusing content can be fast and easy, it’s all about the editing. 

By simply adding b-roll here (footage that isn’t part of the main action) , cutting out audio there, or adding different text and transitions you can create an abundance of posts for all kinds of social media (e.g.: Reels, TikToks, blogs, stories) Thus why it’s handy to be utilizing more than 1 platform. 

That’s 5 busted myths!

The bottomline is you want to be posting great content that other people think is great too! Posting for the sake of posting isn’t really going to get you anywhere, but creativity and keeping on point with trends will result in interaction with your posts (e.g. comments, saves, shares, and likes). 

Hopefully this post has shed some light on common myths about small businesses and marketing. Always keep in mind that social media is a critical part of every marketing strategy no matter what the size of your business is.