Here’s the top five reasons to work with a digital marketing company to get more customers for your Calgary business.

1. Save time and effort

Working with an experienced team lets you leverage their experience and lessons learned to save you a ton of time. Sure, you can research all sorts of marketing strategies, but wouldn’t you be rather save that time?

The key is finding a marketing company that helps drive business, not a freelancer that wants you to post idiotic nonsense.

2. Access cutting-edge tools

There are millions of tools for writing, image creation, video editing, and more. Want to shoot some video? You need a decent camera, proper lighting, microphones, and adequate lighting.

Save the effort, and just use a marketing company that has the right tools. Better than that, you want an agency that follows the science of likeability and trust.

3. Flexibility and scalability

To meet your business’s specific needs, work with a company that can help you with as little or as much as possible. Need to work faster? Need to ramp up a large campaign? Flexible marketing companies can help.

4. Creative ideas and solutions

It might be time to switch things up and get some new creativity working on your marketing. A big part of running a small business is continual experimentation. Of course you don’t want to throw out any lessons you’ve learned, but you do want to allocate some percentage of your marketing budget to experimentation.

Especially when it comes to advertising. New creative ideas that seem good but not great may be what the “algorithm” determines to be the most successful. Work with an agency that can help you navigate experimentation.

5. Data-driven decisions

Interpreting all the data from social media can really be as complicated as you want. The biggest problem being talked about by 1000s of people in the world right now is “how much money did I make from this social post”? There are so many things you can do technically if you have an online business, but getting people into your store or purchasing your services is tricky.

If you’re online: Connect your ads to your online cart. You can typically track all the way from an ad to an online purchase. This is really easy for determining return on investment (ROI).

If you’re offline (physical store, service provider), online ads are difficult to measure. You need to survey customers somehow whether simply asking or offering a survey at the store.

Wrapping up

Working with a marketing company is one of the best things a Calgary small business can do – at least to understand the options available to them. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about what Reel Content can do for you.

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